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MoreTimeMgr.h File Reference

Functions for time. More...

#include "MorePrefix.h"
#include <DateTime.h>
#include <TimeMgr.h>

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void MTmGetTodayDate (DateType *today)
 Get today's date as a DateType.

Detailed Description

Functions for time.

Definition in file MoreTimeMgr.h.

Function Documentation

void MTmGetTodayDate DateType *  today  ) 

Get today's date as a DateType.

Definition at line 26 of file MoreTimeMgr.c.

00027 {
00028         DateTimeType dateTime;
00029         _check( today );
00030         TimSecondsToDateTime( TimGetSeconds( ), &dateTime );
00031         MTimeDateTimeToDate( &dateTime, today );
00032 } Logo