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MoreStringMgr.h File Reference

More string handling functions. More...

#include "MorePrefix.h"
#include <StringMgr.h>

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UInt16 MStrLen (const Char *src)
 Returns length of a string. NULL safe.

Detailed Description

More string handling functions.

Definition in file MoreStringMgr.h.

Function Documentation

UInt16 MStrLen const Char *  src  ) 

Returns length of a string. NULL safe.

Uses StrLen to return the length of a string, unless the string is NULL. Then, 0 is returned without any fuss.

Definition at line 21 of file MoreStringMgr.c.

00022 {
00023         if ( src )
00024                 return StrLen( src );
00025         else
00026                 return 0;
00027 } Logo