A development library for developing Palm OS applications
In Brief

The goal of the MorePalmOS library is to include the boilerplate functions used in nearly every Palm OS application and to provide examples of dealing with more obscure Palm OS managers. It is be coded in C and can be linked directly into any C/C++ Palm OS application. In summary, MorePalmOS aspires to be to the Palm OS what MoreFiles is to the Mac file manager.

Project Goals

The goals of this project is to create a library that is:

  1. Reusable. I've written several Palm OS applications. Each time, I need to rewrite the same basic boilerplate Palm OS code because I do not have permission to use it in the new application.
  2. High Performance. Functions will be carefully coded to provide maximum possible performance while still meeting the other goals.
  3. Reliable. Unlike the usual routines written by programmers on a on-demand basis, MorePalmOS's functions will be carefully tuned for reliability, including error checking.
  4. Easy-to-use. Whenever possible, MorePalmOS functions will work around issues in specific releases of the Palm OS and take out some of the cruft of the Palm OS.

MoreFiles is split fucntionally into the same categories as Palm OS managers. For instance, the Palm OS functions dealing primarily with the Form Manager are in Form.h, and their names are prefixed with Fm.The MorePalmOS functions dealing with forms are in MoreForm.h and are prefixed with MFm. Logo